6-8, 9-12, College 100 level Description. Video Demonstration Content Standards: History Standards (from National Standards for History by the National Center for History […] They can even create posters and infographics for summative projects or information reinforcement. Bring history to life with timelines and comics! The Great Depression and World War II Lesson Plans D-Day and the Texas Panhandle. The activity is designed to work in partners and discuss the topic on hand. Grade: 11 This WWII unit includes two videos of a veteran speaking about his war experiences, questions to go with the videos, a lesson plan and an activity. Students are instructed to live 24 hours without many of today’s modern comforts . This unit contains four comprehensive lesson plans. Each lesson plan, however, breaks down into sections, This lesson plan is designed for 6th-8th graders, so I would assume they should know something. In this lesson, our goal is to provide you with some possible essential questions to use when teaching students about the Great Depression. The Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945) Postwar United States (1945 to early 1970s) How did it happen? Lesson Plan 6: The Great Depression: What would it be like today? For Teachers Great Depression - Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities, Project Ideas, Games. Teaching With Documents. We will separate these questions into several categories. 2. Lesson Plans – Living Without Technology Presented by PBS, this lesson plan introduces a project that allows students to experience the difficulties of the Great Depression. The Great Depression Lesson Module ... 1.

Grades. To complete them in their entirety teachers will need seven to eight class periods. More than 60% of Americans lived below the poverty line, while 5% of the population earned 33% of the income, and the richest 1% had 40% of the wealth. Lesson Plans.

Lesson Overview: Download Activity and Handouts (doc file) In this simulation, students play the role of families in a small town, trying to deal with the changes in income they experience a a result of the Great Depression. First, I want to know what the students know about the Great Depression (if anything). The Not So Great Depression Lesson Plans with activities - excellent. The Great Depression was the worst economic downturn of the industrialized world, crippling the wealth of Americans throughout the 1930's. T will work with the lower level Ss to create a group letter (remedial). Causes - Handout in outline form (goes with Causes of the Great Depression for Kids) Donn Review the causes of the Great Depression: During the "Roaring Twenties", there was an unequal distribution of wealth in industry and agriculture. With these lesson plan and activity ideas, students will depict historical events, outline important philosophies, and analyze different periods with our American and World History lesson plans. Award Winning Great Depression Unit with lessons, whiteboard use, powerpoints, and activities.

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