The issue of gun regulation in the US is hardly as black or white as the extremes of the political spectrum would have us believe. CDC 2014. This piece originally appeared in The Daily Signal More on This Issue


by JustinAPerry Follow. Ok, we can’t prevent that 100% of the time. When gun control advocates sell the notion that we need a radical and sweeping overhaul of gun laws, we shouldn’t be buying it.

But with thousands of pages of failed gun laws already on the books, it’s highly unrealistic to think that … We undoubtedly need more research on the public health effects of gun laws, gun ownership and gun use. And that is precisely the problem: Gun control has consistently failed to keep bad guys from getting firearms. Send to Friend. Share via Email Report Story Send. Share. Why We Don't Need Gun Control 4.1K 7 27. by JustinAPerry. Share via Email Report Story A pretty hot-button topic in this country right now is the argument over whether there should be strict gun control laws or not. In reality, there are broad swaths of gray in the gun control debate. The data that we have indicates that some gun-control measures — like banning some types of weapons, improving background checks, and putting more restrictions on weapon access — could help.

Gun-control advocates claim that we just need tougher laws. And yes, though actual bombs are illegal, homemade ones can be, well, made at home.

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