A page written in classic Garamond typeface. The Garamond typeface we know today has many variations, designed by different font designers inspired by the original punch cuts designed By Claude Garamond in the 16th Century. While seeing the differences between many of the old-style typefaces today can be hard for the untrained eye, it is important to note the true significance of Claude Garamond’s place in the history of type. Two of Garamond’s more popular works ‘Grecs du Roi’. Claude Garamond, Garamond also spelled Garamont, (born 1499, Paris, France—died 1561, Paris), French type designer and publisher.. Garamond was apprenticed about 1510 to Antoine Augerau and by 1520 was working with the typefounder Geoffroy Tory.His first romans and his grecs du roi were cut for the firm of Robert Estienne. The Origin of Garamond. Claude Garamond. Adobe Garamond Bold. Adobe Garamond. This could be a factor as to why Garamond continues to have an impact on the modern world, centuries later. Works influenced by Garamond . Claude Garamond. Sadly, in his lifetime, he was pretty much poor and was not as recognized as he is today (Garamond – Garamont’s will. 1549. Let’s learn a bit about the Garamond typeface and why it is used in the printing of books, making them so pleasurable to read. 1989. Robert Slimbach. Claude Garamond was a publisher who made the way for many things in the world of typography. Prior to Garamond’s work, the practice of making type was to make as exact as possible replicas of a … 1540 .

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