WorkWithoutLimits points out that work is a major element of how people view themselves.

Why is class so important?

It is necessary for every society or group to maintain its social order and this is possible only when its members behave In accordance with that social order. What is the role of social work as a profession: is it to help people overcome their individual social circumstances? ‘The importance of having a value base for Social Work is to guide Social Workers and protect the interest of Services Users.’ (Parrot, 2010:17) As a practising Social Worker it is important to recognise personal values and to be able to understand, situations will present themselves were personal and professional values can conflict. These core values are inherent to the effectiveness of social work activities and programs. Work also gives people a sense of identify and a feeling of accomplishing activities that contribute to society.

There are more than five core social work values that encompass everything from integrity to individual dignity to compassionate service to social justice to human relationships. A sense of community is important to establish peace and harmony among the society.The division of work, feeling of association, togetherness, and cooperation – all these help in establishing a healthy atmosphere filled with unity, harmony and friendship.

Class is just one among many ways to categorise people — no more important than any other.
Or is it a political movement that aims to change society itself? An important objective of social control is not to maintain the old order. No market will become unattractive to corporations if societies reinforce their rights, Nordic countries are a good example, but the standard can continue to raise the level of expectation on corporate policy and operation. It is important to understand this and develop legislative and co-operative efforts to empower the social expectations of work within our society that puts people first.
Liberal sociologists tell us that class is just one of the ways that we can divide society, alongside ethnicity, gender, religion or social outlook. One of the most important aspects of work is that it provides a person the income necessary to meet basic living needs, according to The Youthhood.

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