Why you should join the American Navy.

Officers join the Navy as a Midshipman and complete the normal training requirements. dhoby_bucket MIA. now I am second-guessing my thoughts on the Navy is it normal for the Navy to not get holiday weekends off? There are many more reasons why you should join the Navy. If you didn't pick U.S. Navy, you freakin' missed out, and here are nine reasons why. Next Last. The first is that it is a well respected and sought after career.

The Navy recruiter also took my height and weight (with my sneakers on), and according to those numbers, on that day I didn’t qualify for the Navy. I have nearly zero direction in life, but love sailing, boats and traveling whenever, wherever.

Part of a team. Update: To clarify, I'm 19-years-old, love to learn, but not formally educated. So why are you asking anyone? Royal Navy or Royal Fleet Auxiliary? A way to use your … As the mighty LAVADOG said, you join the Navy, then volunteer for the Special Warfare Group.

Learn about the different ways to join the United States Navy as an enlisted Sailor or Officer. In the SSB, the interviewer asked me "Tell me 10 reasons why you wanto to join Indian armed forces?" Find out about the benefits, compensation and educational opportunities in the Navy, and learn how to sign up if you have served before or if you're new to the Joining gives you the opportunity to be part of something greater than yourself. If someone with a bit of U.S. Navy experience could help out, that would be great. Joining the army reserves as a doctor Joining navy with a medical cadetship/scholarship These are two good reasons why you should join the Navy. Why should you Join Merchant Navy. You should be talking to a Navy recruiter for that matter. I then looked up on the Air Force website the max weight I can be for my height, and according to the chart I would only have to lose 20lbs, which I think isn’t too terrible compared to what a lot of people have to lose. I was born in a district called coorg(in Karnataka). Alternate opinion: 9 reasons you should have joined the Air Force instead. Why should you Join Merchant Navy. You don't just ask why to join one elite commando group and just ask why should you join the military period. show 10 more Should I drop out of University to join the Royal Navy? I'm strongly considering joining the Navy. I had got call letter from Naval selection board vishakapatnam. Jan 31, 2009 #1 Honestly? NZ_Bootneck War Hero. 1.

Table of Contents. Most people didn't take the time to think about what the military branch can do for them — they were just eager to join. The Navy is tasked with the protection of Australia and her interests. 1. Go. Jan 31, 2009 #3 I like the Navy, it's the life for me I like the ships and I like the sea.

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