I don't think the question is at all absurd, but I do have worries about "rights" language. Animals have the right to equal consideration of their interests. We therefore are obliged to take that interest into consideration and to respect the dog’s right not to have pain unnecessarily inflicted upon him or her. On the other side are those who think the answer is obvious, of course animals should have moral rights, we humans, after all, are animals and so many of us love, cherish and respect nonhumans, so why not rights for them? We believe that every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering. For instance, a dog most certainly has an interest in not having pain inflicted on him or her unnecessarily. We have animal cruelty statutes to prevent some animal suffering, although U.S law prohibits only the most egregious, extraordinary animal cruelty. The reason that people have rights is to prevent unjust suffering. Supporters of animal rights believe that animals have an inherent worth—a value completely separate from their usefulness to humans. Rights are a … Animals, he argues, do not know anything about morality: "Animals do not commit crimes, animals are not attacked for their moral views. Similarly, the reason that animal rights activists want animals to have rights is to prevent them from suffering unjustly.

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