Volunteering – the good and bad Whether your work experience is rich or minimal, there are many advantages, and some disadvantages, of volunteering if you are searching for a new job.

Before further harm is done, a clear conceptual divide needs to be drawn between the ill-planned, short-term volunteering projects and the meaningful, long-term projects that resemble the initial practice embarked upon by medical professionals in the past. Despite poor experiences with required volunteering in the past, students have been able to move past the poor image of volunteering they once had to give it a new meaning.
In its report on "Why People Volunteer," the Voluntary Action Directorate of Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada cites several common turnoffs to volunteering, such as poor organization, a lack of training and assignments that don't fit the volunteers' interests or skills. Down with voluntourism, up with volunteering.

Volunteering at all is never a bad idea, even if required.

High school is not just about grades and test scores anymore.

“To call mandatory community service ‘volunteering’ is a problem because then we begin to confuse the distinction between an activity that is freely chosen and something that is obligatory and perhaps not always rewarding.
I noticed that a few people had posts about mandatory volunteering and I’ve decided to go with the same topic instead of coming up with my own this week.

Many students are now required to complete a community service project before … This article explores both sides. So how do volunteers with good intentions avoid the pitfalls of the industry?

But don’t let required volunteer hours hold you back from uncovering the gratification that comes with giving back. I fist started volunteering because I got in trouble in high school and had to do 40 hours of community service.

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