His own sister, Rose, was lobotomised in his absence and later institutionalised leading many critics to believe that the character of Blanche may have arisen from events in his own life.

7. Mitch is one of Stanley's oldest friends, and Blanche is Stella's sister. Blanche DuBois, character in A Streetcar Named Desire (1947), a Pulitzer Prize-winning drama by Tennessee Williams. Mitch and Allan share certain personality traits including sentimentality and an appreciation for poetry.

Blanche’s real character actually repels Mitch rather than attract him.

Again, when Stanley mentioned that Blanche was married, polka music began to play in the distant background: ‘The music of the polka rises up, faint in the distance.” This makes the audience question why the music has changed and start to consider why Blanche is uneasy when her husband is …

It could be argued that neither character seems interested in women.

Mitch can be interpreted as either a closeted homosexual or as an alternative view of heterosexual masculinity. When her brutish brother-in …

Since Blanche confesses to this immoral behavior, there is no longer any doubt as to Blanche’s real character.

An alcoholic nymphomaniac posing as the epitome of genteel Southern womanhood, Blanche has, from her first appearance, a fragile hold on reality. In what way does Blanche feel responsible for her husband’s death? Therefore, this shows that she may only be interested in his money or having a ‘husband’ figure just like Stella, not who he really is as a person.

Why doesn't Mitch want to marry Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire? Stanley already knows that she has quite a low opinion about him and even went as far as talking to Stella and advising her to … A Streetcar Named Desire STUDENT COPY STUDY GUIDE 6. Mitch isn’t the only one who is interested in Blanche. Blanche is getting to know Mitch through Stella, because she never really asks him these questions personally.

He says his mother is sick and is only going to live a few more months, and she’d like to see him settled with someone. Blanche ventures that Mitch will be …


Mitch only dates Blanche to appease his dying mother. ... Blanche want's Mitch because she want's to escape from her past. Blanche detects an awkwardness around Mitch, that makes him different from the rest of the other, boisterous boys.

Williams uses Blanche DuBois as a vehicle to explore several themes that interested him, one of these being madness. Why is Blanche so familiar with loneliness? Briefly describe what happened to him. 8.

Blanche asks why he wants to know, and Mitch explains that his mother asked how old this interest of his was. Blanche tells Mitch the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death. Mitch is curious about Blanche.

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