The film Love and Basketball is a romantic film that was released in 2000. Basketball is my favorite sport. Personal Essay: Basketball: The Life Of Basketball 719 Words | 3 Pages.

There are also different players on the team. I love to watch and play the game, basketball is a very entertaining sport and can be played by anyone.

This is why there are superstar athletes in sports.

This is why commissioners of the NBA are airing live events to accommodate basketball enthusiasts around the world to watch their favorite star athletes. 10.4k. Basketball is known as a good pastime in many people’s eyes but can also be seen as a passion for many others. 73 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Link: 2. get inspiration from sports. Why I love Basketball. Facebook Twitter. It forces them to persist to succeed. 49 videos Play all Love & Basketball Full Movie jalulanang anggare It Was All About What Was Under The Hood, Now I’m Tryna Be On Top Of The Hood! It teaches you a lot about yourself and others, it boosts your confidence in yourself and others, it teaches you the importance of teamwork and communication, it helps you deal with difficult situations – it helps you grow as a person, and that is why I love it. 0. The love of my life is basketball. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and one of the most widely viewed. Basketball in my opinion the best thing I can do with my friends to have fun while burning a few calories. Basketball is my favorite sport, but it’s definitely not just a sport. Basketball is also popular in other countries such as Serbia, Argentina, Spain, China, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.

Love and Basketball was a great movie. Watching the sport on television is just as enjoyable as playing it. I have had many successes and disappointments in life, many loves that have come and gone, but the one true love that has stuck around has been the game of basketball.

The reason why, is because I’ve been playing basketball since I was eight years old and I became attached to this game. The reason why I believe I continue to play baseball today is because it is the sport I love the most.

Imtiaz Kalani. Quincy McCall has one dream in life and that is to play professional basketball in the NBA just like his father Zeke, a Los Angeles Clipper. They make what they are doing look easy, because what they do is not difficult for them anymore after years of hard work and being diligent. Basketball is a game where two teams play against each other.

James Naismith of Ontario, Canada invented the why is basketball the best sport essay game in 1891. - Duration: 2:23. Playing Basketball is very entertaining since there are endless ideas you can think of just with a hoop and a basketball.

The leading characters are Monica Wright and Quincy McCall. This game is considered one of the most popular sports after football or soccer.

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