Stevenson speaks at a Swedish high school. While Walter stays home, Stevenson travels to Sweden to accept the award. In 1996 Congress passed welfare reform legislation that gratuitously included a from FINANCE 534 at Harvard University Why does the Swedish documentary disturb Stevenson? Why does Stevenson travel to Sweden? What mistakes did the police make in Joe Sullivan’s case?

Documentary about Swedish Midsummer Produced by Astrid Dergalin, Ellinor Myrman, Hannah Söderbäck, Ludvig Bergström and Saga Norberg. 4. The EJI is selected for the Olaf Palme International Human Rights Award. Bryan and Walter got lots of press and media attention from the case and used it to spread his story. STATUTORY WARNING: Disturbing movies can affect the human psyche adversely. 4. What does he witness at the ceremony that disturbs him, and why does he react in this manner? What impact does the conservative majority in Congress have on Stevenson’s work? 5. While in Stockholm, Stevenson watches a documentary on Walter's … The location to receive the award is in Sweden. The students sing a sorrowful song that Stevenson describes as “dissonant” and “transcendent.” He fights tears when he thinks of his mother, a lifelong church musician who has just died months before. Why does the Swedish documentary disturb Stevenson? September 20, 2016 September 20, 2016 palpinky. 5. 3. What is the Eighth Amendment and what are its origins? Stevenson focused on two subsets of children serving life sentences—which two, and why do you think he chose them? The population most affected by this misguided law is formerly incarcerated from CRIJ 4356 at South Texas College If you are under 18 years of age, parental guidance is advised. He marvels at how much the students seem to care about injustices against strangers so far away. Just Mercy Chapter 13 Summary. Activity Research laws in your state regarding restitution for wrongly imprisoned people and prepare a one-page summary along with your thoughts on whether you agree with these decisions. Chapter 14 - Cruel and Unusual 1. 2. In Chapter 13 “Recovery” of Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, Walter is finally fully exonerated from his possible death sentence and deemed innocent.

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