In 1934 the Communists suffered huge losses against the nationalists in the Chinese Civil War. What events led to the Long March? He sent a huge army to drive the Communists out of the province of Jiangxi.

Why did Mao Zedong undertake the Long March?

Faced with the prospect of annhilation the leaders of the Comunist army shose to start what is now called the Long March.

Answer. This was a tactic of withdrawal into mountainous areas, some 2500 miles to the north and west. From their base at Yan’an, the communists grew in strength and eventually defeated the Nationalists in the struggle to control mainland China. The Long March of the Communist Army lasted one year. The air force of Chiang Kai-shek made short work of the blockhouses that the Red Army did build. The long march was a tactic of retreat into the mountains so that they could survive because they were facing elimination.

to escape from the Nationalist forces Since Deng Xiaoping's decision to establish Special Economic Zones in … The purpose was simple: survival. [6] (c) ‘The war with Japan had a greater impact on the Guomindang than it did on the Communists.’ How far do you agree with this statement? What caused Chinese Communists to undertake the Long March in 1933 was the following. Chiang Kai-shek ordered for the execution of Nationalist party members who had adopted Communist ideas. Chiang Kai-Shek's forces surrounded the Jiangxi Soviet and after several attacks the CCP was forced to retreat. The people of China were given no choice but to be part of the Communist party. (a) What was the Jiangxi Soviet? Based in Yenan from 1936-1949, the CCP changed from an orthodox Soviet-style party based in the cities and led by intellectuals and urban workers to a rural-based Maoist revolutionary party composed primarily of peasants and soldiers. 17 The late 1920s and the 1930s were difficult for the Chinese Communists. Why did Mao Zedong undertake the long march? they invade china to save the communists party who were being chased by nationalists. Not Sure About the Answer? [10]

So, under Otto Braun's direction the Red Army suffered defeat after defeat until in 1934 Braun decided that the Red Army should attempt an escape. Because Mao and other Communist parties were retreating from the Kuomintang. Explain your answer. Faced with the prospect of annhilation the leaders of the Comunist army shose to …

They ran from the GMD (Chiang's forces) and lost about 90% of their membership, so the surviving members became the core revolutionary framework.

China was living the Civil War years in which Communists troops fought the Nationalist army.

The Nationalist Forces (called the Kuomintang) were pursuing the Communists to drive them out of the south, so the Long March (which consisted of a few marches) of communists went to north and western China, where they gained many supporters of their own party along the way. During the Long March, Soviet advisors lost influence over the CCP and Mao Zedong took over control of the Party from Soviet-trained revolutionaries.

Why did the Communists undertake the Long March? The Long March began at 5:00 p.m. on October 16, … In 1934 the Communists suffered huge losses against the nationalists in the Chinese Civil War. The Communists undertook the Long March to escape from the Nationalist forces. The Long March had decisively established Mao’s leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and had enabled the embattled communists to reach a base area beyond the direct control of the Nationalists. The Long March came about when the Chinese Communists had to flee a concerted Guomingdang attacked that had been ordered by Chiang Kai-shek. The History Learning Site, 26 May 2015. Comment; Complaint; Link; Know the Answer? [4] (b) Why did the Communists undertake the Long March in 1934?

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