Who is looking at Winston during lunch (1984)? Homework Help. Uploaded By monkeylord. The person that is looking at Winston during lunch is Julia. Who is looking at winston during lunch how does this School Lebanon High School, Lebanon, TN; Course Title COMP APLIT; Type. The looks that he gets from her makes him wonder about her true intentions. Although he does not know her by name yet, it is Julia who is looking at Winston at lunch in Chapter 5. The person that is looking at Winston during lunch is Julia. Pages 9 Ratings 100% (1) 1 out of 1 … looks that he gets from her makes him wonder about her true. Who is looking at Winston during lunch in Part One, and how does it affect him? Who is looking at Winston during lunch How does this affect him The dark haired.

The girl with the dark hair is looking at him. The. Winston is at lunch when the message on the telescreen relates the good news about increases in production, including that the chocolate ration has been raised to twenty grams a week. What is facecrime Give an example 8 Who is looking at Winston during lunch How from SPECIAL ED 3300 at Ilima Intermediate School The dark-haired girl is looking at Winston during lunch, and it unnerves him--she must be a spy What is the aim of the Party with regard to male-female relationships? We need you to answer this question! intentions. Winston is afraid that she is a spy, if not a member of the Thought Police.

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