London: Rivingtons. 2. Second Watchman. The Character Quotes / Much Ado About Nothing (1993) / George Seacole. Pin. George Seacole Quotes: Dogberry: Are you good men and true? A. Wilson Verity. Hugh Otecake, sir, or George Seacole; for they can write and read. Hugh Otecake, sir, or George Seacole; for they can write and read. it is a world to see.Well said, i' faith, neighbour Verges: well, God's a good man; an two men ride of a horse, one must ride behind. Either Hugh Otecake, sir, or else George Seacole, because both of them can read and write. Well, give them their assignment, Sir Dogberry. She is protective of Hero, her cousin. III,3,1475. God has blessed you with a good name. Share. All: Yea. Manchester, UK. Next: Much Ado About Nothing, Act 3, Scene 4 Explanatory Notes for Act 3, Scene 3 From Much Ado About Nothing.Ed. Royal Shakespeare Company Manchester Opera House. Share. ... George Seacole : We will rather sleep than talk. Menu. (iv. To be good-looking is a matter of luck, but to read and write is a natural gift. Well,

Dogberry: A good old man, sir; he will be talking: as they say, when the age is in, the wit is out: God help us! Tweet +1. Come here, Sir Seacole. Like. You have: I knew it would be your answer. Much Ado About Nothing (1993) Andy Hockley as George Seacole. We charge you, … An honest soul, i' faith, sir; by my troth he is, as ever broke bread; but God is to be worshipped; all men are not alike; alas, good neighbour!

Send. First, who think you the most desartless man to be constable? Beatrice Orphaned niece of Leonato, raised in his household as a second daughter. Strong-willed, opinionated, and outspoken, she has been emotionally wounded by Benedick in earlier encounters and has built a defense system against him with sarcasm, wit, disparagement, and apparent indifference. Dogberry: Being chosen for the Prince's watch. God hath blessed you with a good name: to be a well-favoured man is 1335 the gift of fortune; but to write and read comes by nature. Dogberry. Both which, master constable,— Dogberry. I feel sure that in writing these Dogberry and Verges scenes Shakespeare had in his mind's eye one of Lyly's comedies; viz., Endimion. Come hither, neighbour Seacole. George Seacole Quotes in Much Ado About Nothing (1993) Share. George Seacoal a character in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare (author) sex: M aka: ... “George Seacole” Much Ado About Nothing, or Love's Labour's Won.

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