and find homework help for other Animal Farm questions at eNotes The Animal Farm quotes below are all either spoken by The Sheep or refer to The Sheep. and find homework help for other Animal Farm questions at eNotes

The sheep represent the duped citizens of a totalitarian state. What do sheep represent in Animal Farm?

the animals. These animals depend on their backs, not their brains, to do work. Both the horses and sheep represent in many ways the proletariat, or working class of unskilled laborers. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ). Why, you ask? The sheep are part of the massive propaganda machine that Stalin set up as he came to power in Russia, and they're also the people who were swayed by that same propaganda. Instead of thinking for themselves, they just repeat slogans over and over. Wiki User 2011-09-14 01:56:05 . Don’t be fooled by this cute little floofball. Because the sheep are so, well, sheep-like, they' re super easy to manipulate. The Sheep Quotes in Animal Farm. By the end of the novel, we can't tell the propaganda apart from the people—er, sheep—who spread it. Get an answer for 'What kind of people do you think the sheep represent in chapter 3 of Animal Farm?' The working class of the Russian revolution like all the rest of. At the end of the novel, the pigs start walking on two legs—so, Squealer teaches the sheep a new chant: "Four legs good, two legs better" (10.13). Orwell certainly wasn’t. Get an answer for 'What do the public confessions and executions represent? ' Because Animal Farm is a fantastic example of the the power and poignancy of literal imagery. Who do the sheep represent in Animal Farm?

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