In Winter Swans, a couple’s love is confirmed by the sight of swans on a lake. This poem was taken from a collection called Skirrid Hill.

Revise and learn about Owen Sheers' poem, Winter Swans with BBC Bitesize GCSE English Literature poetry resources.

… Winter-Swans; Model Answer; 13. Differences. Content, ideas, language and structure are explored. I had my poetry mock a few weeks ago.

Winter Swans.

In Winter Swans, a couple’s love is confirmed by the sight of swans on a lake. Content, ideas, language and structure are explored.

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Winter Swans.

English Revision English Literature Paper 2 Section B: AQA Love and Relationships Poems 13. This can be literally translated as 'shattered mountain'. The clouds had given their all – two days of rain and then a break in which we walked, the waterlogged earth gulping for breath at our feet as we skirted the lake, silent and apart, until the swans came and stopped us with a show of tipping in unison. Similarly, Winter Swans. Start studying Poetry - Love and Relationships - Which Poems compare?.

A comparison of two poems. The line lengths are uneven and there is no rhyme which emphasises the disjointedness and disharmony of the couple.

Comparing two poems - 'Winter Swans' and 'Tissue' A teacher-facing resource focusing on poem comparison and how to elicit detailed responses from students. Much of Sheers' poetry draws upon natural landscapes.

Winter is a period of necessity, a time of coldness and darkness. Swans are often used as a metaphor for love.

They are ‘silent and apart’.

Compare how difficult relationships are presented in ‘Winter Swans’ and one other poem from Love and Relationships In ‘Winter Swans’ Sheers presents a difficult relationship between a couple that are on the verge of breaking up. Swans and winter are regularly explored by writers, such as Swans at Coole by WB Yeats and The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy.

Winter Swans.

When the swans arrive, the pair stop to watch the birds and their ‘show of tipping unison’. WINTER SWANSCONTEXT:By Owen Sheers (1974-)Owen Sheers is a Welsh poet born in 1974, so Winter Swans is a contemporary poem. Water is used as a metaphor in each of these poems. English Language Paper 1; English Language Paper 2; English Literature Paper 1 Section A: Macbeth; Content, ideas, language and structure are explored. Compare how poets present attitudes towards memories in ‘Letters from Yorkshire’ and one other poem from Love and Relationships’?

For my GCSE, I’m studying the AQA Love and Relationships anthology.

Winter Swans is about a romantic couple, while Eden Rock is about the relationship between a child and their parents. Love’s Philosophy works beautifully here too, with its persuasive use of natural imagery and the emphasis on the physicality of love. ‘Letters from Yorkshire’ by Dooley, is an autobiographical poem where the speaker has her memories of her place of origin aroused when she receives mail from an old friend/family member.

13. Winter Swans :The poem is structured in 6 irregular tercets, with three lines per stanza.The poem is then finished with a couplet. Winter Swans by Owen Sheers In Winter Swans, a couple’s love is confirmed by the sight of swans on a lake. For example, in the first stanza of “Neutral Tones”, Hardy uses a lexical set of words which reflect infertility: “starving, fallen, ash, grey.” These words coupled with the winter setting and the fact that everything seems to be infertile or dead reflects the state of their relationship. q Pain, Loss, Death q Bitterness, Anger q Nature q Winter Swans q When We Two Parted q Farmer’s Bride THEMES: COMPARE WITH: NEUTRAL TONES 9. This dormant time is necessary for regeneration.

The poems are taken from the AQA 'Past and present' poetry anthology.

The swans could be seen as reflecting the relationship between the couple. In both poems, relationships are presented as strong across both distance and time.

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