The bill was passed on June 29, 1906, and took effect September 27, 1906. The Foreign Protestants Naturalization Act 1708 (7 Anne c. 5), sometimes referred to as the Foreign and Protestants Naturalization Act 1708, was an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain.The act was passed on 23 March 1709, which was still considered part of the year 1708 in the British calendar of the time. The Act of January 29, 1795, repealed the 1790 act and raised the residency requirement to 5 years. The Naturalization Act of 1906 was an act of the United States Congress signed into law by Theodore Roosevelt that revised the Naturalization Act of 1870 and required immigrants to learn English in order to become naturalized citizens. Federal naturalization laws (1790, 1795). It was modified by the Immigration Act of … The clerk collected basic information including nation of allegiance, country of emigration, and where they intended to settle in America. The 1798 act was repealed by the Naturalization Law of 1802. Major changes to the definition of citizenship were ratified in the nineteenth century following the American Civil War. It was repealed and replaced by the Nationality Act of 1940. The Naturalization Act, passed by the United States Congress on June 18, 1798 (1 Stat.
This act repealed the Naturalization Act of 1798 and directed the clerk to record the entry of all aliens into the United States.

566), increased the period necessary for immigrants to become naturalized citizens in the United States from 5 …

United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” (March 26, 1790).

The Naturalization Act of 1790 set the criteria for naturalization to two years of residency, proof of good moral character, and an oath to support the Constitution.
It also required, for the first time, a declaration of intention to seek citizenship at least 3 … It also mandated that one must "absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty." The Act of 1795 was superseded by the Naturalization Act of 1798, which itself was repealed in 1802.

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