Advanced European societies could not support long wars or so many thought prior to World War I. Although many women took on male dominated trades during World War II, they were expected to return to housework after men returned from the war. Germany lost vital industrial territory as a result of the treaty, making any attempt at recovery nearly impossible. DBQ #1 : Political, Social and Economic effects of the American Revolution 2546 Words 11 Pages The American Revolution was fought from 1775 to 1783, between [former] colonies and british soldiers. The overall percentage of women working fell from 36 percent to 28 percent in 1947. Economy:-pretty much died for all exc America :] lots of inflation.

It changed the global economy, political landscape, and technology. The American Revolution was fought from 1775 to 1783, between [former] colonies and british soldiers. Gravity. 2560 Words 11 Pages. Social -During the war, many women entered the work force to fill the void left by the men who are at war -Women left the workforce once they men came back, but women’s’ views on working had been changed forever -Suburbs blew up after the war. Then, write an argument and have it approved by Ms. Germany was forced to pay reparations to repair the damages the war caused. Reconstruction was the period following the Civil War in which the national government attempted to reintegrate the Southern states that had formed the Confederacy back into the United States. Political: -Treaty of Versailles-Paris Peace Conference-land distribution-new countries-loss of power for austro-hungarian, german, and russian empires. After World War I, the economic, political, and social conditions were terrible.

Create. Match.

Hollerbach.!! Levittown, New York was created as a Social, Political, Economic, And Social Causes Of Reconstruction During The Civil War 810 Words | 4 Pages Reconstruction was the period where the South attempted to transform from 1863-1877. Around 350,000 American women served in the U.S. military during World War II. Created by. World War I was a wide-scale military conflict between 1914 and 1918. The nation suffered a devastating defeat. Write. Inflation was rampant with staple foods being in short supply. Test. For level 2 credit, examine the documents and categorize them into 3 groups based on similar characteristics. Social: during the war--all classes deemed equal-women have rights and jobs-most men are at war Cite this Describe the social, political and economic effects of WWI Essay The societies could not support a long war unchanged. The social effects of the second world war was the economic destruction of Germany, and the technological advancement of Japan. The American Revolution was fought from 1775 to 1783, between [former] colonies and british soldiers. Log in Sign up. Topics: United States, 19th century, United States Constitution Pages: 7 (2545 words) Published: October 22, 2013  The American Revolution was fought from 1775 to 1783, between [former] colonies and british soldiers. Economic Effects. DBQ #1 : Political, Social and Economic effects of the American Revolution . DBQ #1 : Political, Social and Economic effects of the American Revolution; DBQ #1 : Political, Social and Economic effects of the American Revolution. The social, political and economic effects of the first world war were so historically influential that they have not only defined the immediate future, but continue to shape our present existence. The total cost of reparations was 132 billion marks, a total just recently paid off in 2010. Learn. (**You must categorize ALL the documents!!) ! Terms in this set (9) Political effects. Flashcards. Spell. DBQ #1 : Political, Social and Economic effects of the American Revolution. PLAY. Social, Political and Economic Effects of WWI "Everywhere in the world was heard the sound of things breaking."

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