Full text of "Legislative veto after Chadha : hearings before the Committee on Rules, House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth Congress, second session, on the impact of the Supreme Court decision in the case of Immigration and Naturalization Service v.Chadha which found the legislative veto unconstitutional, November 9, 10, 1983, February 23, 29, March 1, 21, 22, and May 10, 1984" Congress's power to exercise a legislative veto over that decision cannot be viewed, then, as the power to write a new law w/o bicameral approval or presidential consideration. Under the Act, once the Attorney General’s recommendation for suspension of a deportation was conveyed to Congress, the House had the power to veto the Attorney General’s determination. The case came to life for us on December 22, 1980, when the circuit court held the one-house veto invalid under section 244 of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. After a hearing, the immigration judge ordered that Chadha’s deportation be suspended on the grounds that he would suffer “extreme hardship” if deported. In the wake of Chadha's neutering the legislative veto, Congress turned to more ad hoc approaches to attempt to restrain the broad rulemaking power of executive agencies, trying everything from direct statutory overrides of agency rules to making modifications to agency jurisdiction.

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