Each full-length test contains 53 questions, which are based … What used to be called “Verbal Reasoning” is now called CARS. MCAT CARS (Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills) Our MCAT CARS practice tests follow the format prescribed by the AAMC for the MCAT. The Critical Analysis and Reasoning section of the MCAT, commonly referred to as MCAT CARS, is designed to test your ability to read a passage, interpret the information, and answer questions about the passage… It seems unfair, but ask any admissions officer from a US medical school and they will tell you that the CARS Exam is the “most heavily weighted” section of the test, and in Canada, many medical schools look “only” at the CARS score on the MCAT. There are four sections on the MCAT. The CARS section of the MCAT is typically the hardest for most premed students. Three of them are focused on the sciences, and one is this random CARS section, which seems to demolish everybody.

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