ritual death. The Budget Detail Worksheet is a user-friendly, fillable, Microsoft Excel-based document designed to calculate totals. Elements of a curriculum for teaching the film Hero by Zhang Yimou (As informed by the NEH Summer Institute for Teachers: Chinese Film and Society at the University of Illinois, Urbana) Summer 2012 Submitted by: Pamela dragon battle. Additionally, the Excel workbook contains worksheets for multiple budget years that can be completed as necessary. the call to adventure. THE HERO'S JOURNEY (PDF) This worksheet gives an overview of the Hero's Journey, as outlined by Joseph Campbell and others. • Students will create a character of their own by filling in Create your Character worksheet. Elements of the Epic Hero Cycle Student Name _____ Date _____ Element Example The main character is a hero, who is often possessed of supernatural abilities or qualities. The hero is charged with a quest. Interview Worksheet Examples in PDF; Newspaper Worksheet Examples in PDF; One way of tackling decision-making is through debates. Primary Source Analysis Name of Article – Author of Article – Date of Article - What major era is this article dealing with (example: Reformation, Enlightenment, WWI, Cold War, etc.) The Budget Detail Worksheet and the Budget Narrative are now combined in a single document collectively referred to as the Budget Detail Worksheet. Some of the heroes might end up with more than one period, and some periods might end up with more than one hero. Each step is listed, along with examples from film and literature. Primary Source Analysis Worksheet. joseph campbell’s monomyth: the hero’s journey. Next, ask the students into what groups they would classify the people on the list (for example, freedom fighters, entertainers, parents, and so on). meeting the goddess. entering the unknown/crossing the first threshold. There is a misconception of debates being practiced only by politicians, lawyers and other government people, but debating can be done by anyone and everyone. Then, begin the first draft of a class list of what makes a hero. The hero is tested, often to prove the worthiness of himself and his quest. Hero's Journey is as important an emotional or psychological journey as it is physical. brother battle. Continue to refine this list as you proceed through the unit. Each step is listed, along with examples from film and literature. refusal of the call.
Student Worksheet: Analyzing a Journal Article Please read the assigned journal article and answer the following questions.

road of trials/tests. Review the “Paraphrasing” module as needed to help you understand how to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism. atonement with the father. Printables. sacred marriage . Water Wise Worksheet Welcome to H20’s Wonderful World of Water Primary School Teachers’ Pack We have designed this work pack to help teachers, particularly of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils introduce the theme of water across the curriculum. See 'Heroes and Periods Worksheet' in attachments You decide which of our heroes would act heroically in the different periods, and which would not.
the ordinary world. supernatural aid/guide or mentor. allies/helpers. enemies/threshold guardians. Extended Learning Activities • Students can add their character to the Jake Maddox or SI Kids story and write an alternative ending. A PDF version of the student worksheet partially filled-in to lessen student notetaking A PDF version of the student worksheet completely filled-in (teacher guide) Finding the Hero's Journey Worksheet: Using guided questions, this 2-page worksheet asks students to analyze any story (whether it is a novel, a film, or a video game) for the various stages of the Hero… Continue to refine this list as you proceed through the unit. Assessment/Partner Review • Students use their second Character Profile Worksheet to review the character that a partner has created. Your name: _____ Date: _____

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