During telophase, the nuclei for the daughter cells finally form and the cell begins to split into two. 44.18). The cell is completely divided in two by the end of telophase.

Meiosis is the process that leads to the formation of sperm cells and egg cells. During telophase the cell membrane gets "pinched" and the organelles and DNA are split.

Telophase is technically the final stage of mitosis. During telophase, the nuclear envelope reforms on the surface of the separated sister chromatids, which typically cluster in a dense mass near the spindle poles (Fig. What Happens During Telophase? The small nuclear vesicles in the cell begin to re-form around the group of chromosomes at each end. Telophase is the last stage of cell division in all cells, including sex cells as well as tissues and organs. Telophase is the final cycle of cell division for eukaryotic cells in both in mitosis and meiosis. During this phase, the sister chromatids reach opposite poles. During telophase, the chromosomes uncoil, two separate nuclei develop and the cytoplasm divides.

Its name derives from the latin word telos which means end. The division of sex cells in meiosis involves the production of four daughter cells, and in cell division of all other cells, as in mitosis, it produces two identical daughter cells.

Some further anaphase B movement may still occur, but the most dramatic change in cellular structure at this time is the constriction of the cleavage furrow and subsequent cytokinesis.

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