She does it to have something in common with him and it makes her vulnerable. What does Blanche tell Mitch about Stanley?

Dorothy comes to Blanche's aid and reprises her role as Sherlock Holmes. He cannot relate to women in a way that we might understand.

As a result she allows herself to be more vulnerable and to speak honestly about herself. Blanche loses her mind after losing the family home.

Blanche addresses both speeches to Mitch.
Why does Blanche flirt with the newspaper boy? In addition, her choice of words that she hasn’t “cheated” her … Blanche tries to conceal the secrets of her past from her new found life in New Orleans; however it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

Also both speeches deal with her husband's suicide and reveal Blanche's vulnerability.

When Blanche reminisces about her dead husband, Allan. In a way Mitch's honesty disarms Blanche. This also suggests that Blanche feels grief, as she feels she is the one that killed her husband. On the dance floor that evening, she confronted him about what she'd seen, and he ran out of the hall and shot himself in the mouth.

The first sentence is the only truth spoken, and the audience recognizes an understatement.

What does Blanche do to him? He is unable to nurture although he pretend to be concerned about his wife and child and gives this as his reason for wanting to know about what happened to Blanche’s family home.

Blanche breaks out in laughter at her letter to Shep Huntleigh, encouraging Stella to ask about the contents of the letter.Blanche reads the letter aloud, in which she suggests visiting Shep in Dallas, and also announces that she and Stella have been attending society parties and visits to country homes. Blanche and Mitch discuss Stanley.

In the middle of the dance, Blanche told her young husband that he disgusted her.

What does this scene reveal about her character? The army camp close by referred to Blanche as "out-of-bounds" and she was kicked out of her job for being mixed up with a seventeen-year-old boy. She establishes that in a fit of jealous rage, Posey killed Kendall over the assistant's job.

She was so wild that the low-class Flamingo Hotel asked her to move out. Even though Stella is not hard on her sister after she prods her to reveal if any gossip about her had transpired, Blanche is eager to explain herself … He relates Stella as a man not as a husband. How did Blanches husband die? Blanche asks Mitch if Stanley talks much about her and explains how horrid he is making her life there with them.

How does … Stanley is the one to reveal her true reason for coming to New Orleans: she was essentially kicked out of her town because there were only so many men. Diagrams. This deliberate act of cruelty on Blanche's part caused her young husband to commit suicide.

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