Basically Jan Hus was protesting the sale of indulgences and simony among clergy. His followers came out in open rebellion, both against the Catholic church and against the German-dominated empire with which they wanted no part. That the pope was only concerned with extreme wealth and collection of material goods B. Jan Hus Presbyterian Church is a Christian congregation associated with the Presbyterian Church USA. What criticism did Jan Hus have about the Roman Catholic Church? It is the oldest Czech Presbyterian congregation in the US, having been founded in 1877, and the church building was opened in 1888.. In the late fourteenth century, Hus was the rector of Prague University, a position from which he challenged the pope's authority and criticized the wealth of the Church. Jan Hus was influenced by the ideas of John Wycliffe to lead a reform movement in his native Bohemia, located in what is today the Czech Republic.

In the process of his protests he became a political tool between the princes and the Church. On this date in 1415, the Czech religious reformer Jan Hus (in English, John Hus or Huss), condemned as a heretic against the doctrines of the Catholic Church, was burned at the stake.

That the teaching that bread and wine represents the body and blood of Christ was not biblical C. That the selling of indulgences to everyday citizens was a sinful practice D. Hus was most likely born in the town of Husinec in Bohemia around 1372, but little is known about his life prior to his entry into University of Prague in 1390. John Hus (or Jan Hus) had long been popular with the lay people, and his heroic death only increased his prestige.

Huss would become a hero to Luther and many other Reformers, for Huss preached key Reformation themes (like hostility to indulgences) a century before Luther drew up his 95 Theses. John Huss (Jan Hus) was born in Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) in about 1371. Jan Hus is the most famous leader of the Czech Reformation of the 15th century and one of the most prominent figures executed as a religious dissident in the early modern period. The church is in the area that was once known as Little Bohemia.

The church is named for Jan Hus, a Bohemian priest who was a theologian and reformer.

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