It is jealousy alone that proceeds the acts and … Lago can be described as a jealous character since he wishes every other person could share in his feelings so he goes ahead to plant the seed of jealousy in other characters. > What is the role of jealousy in Othello? In Othello, jealousy affects almost all characters and has diverse implications on their wellbeing.

Each character that expresses jealousy expresses it in a very overacted state or a very calm but irrational way. Shakespeare shows that jealousy is a "monster," a destructive emotion that grows out of all proportion to any reality and destroys lives. Shakespeare’s Othello, as a play and the character himself, is tragic because of the working of jealousy at the effective end.

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Othello is plagued with his ego and pride which contributes to his demise. Othello's description of himself as one not easily jealous, but, being wrought, Perplexed in the extreme, is perfectly just.

Although some of the characters are naturally jealous, others have their jealousy triggered by other characters. and find homework help for other Othello questions at eNotes The character of Othello is comparatively simple, but, as I have dwelt on the prominence of intrigue and accident in the play, it is desirable to show how essentially the success of Iago's plot is connected with this character. In Othello, jealousy affects almost all characters and has diverse implications on their wellbeing.

During Othello by William Shakespeare we see tons of jealousy between all the characters. Othello's jealousy is so powerful that he murders his beloved wife, but Othello is not the only character whose actions are motivated by jealousy.

In this regard, Iago plays the leading role in triggering jealousy in other characters. Othello falls for it and "honor kills" his wife as a result. Jealousy is not inherited in a person, but developed from the fatal factors of their character. He is driven by anger and envy and aims at instilling jealousy in all the other characters, an aim he achieves through manipulating and betraying them, particularly Othello.

The Theme of Jealousy in Othello by William Shakespeare Othello is a unique tragedy in that it focuses on the destruction of love through sexual jealousy.

In the play, every character is a part of either nurturing jealousy or falling victim to it by the former.

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