Pollution and Health.

Waste-Reduction and Pollution. Particle Pollution. Pollution in the Water.

Water pollution is the pollution of bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, seas, the oceans, as well as groundwater. Water is the most important natural resource for life. Soil Pollution.

Air Pollution. Industrial wastes, garbage and other remains of used commodities have been […] Watersheds and Polluted Runoff. Waste from homes, factories and other buildings get into the water bodies and as a result water gets contaminated . Do Pollution Taxes Work? It occurs when pollutants reach these bodies of water, without treatment. Types Surface water pollution > found on the exterior of the Earth's crust, oceans, rivers and lakes Groundwater Pollution … Free Presentations in PowerPoint format. Water Pollution Water Pollution occurs when energy and other materials are released into the water, contaminating the quality of it for other users. ADVERTISEMENTS: Water Pollution Speech: Short Speech on Water Pollution ! Particulate Matter Air Pollution. Pollution.

Developing a Stormwater Pollution Plan. Human being needs water not only for drinking but also for cooking, washing, irrigation, fishing etc. Environmental Pollution and Waste People have been abusing and misusing water since long. 3.

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