George killing Lennie was justified because Lennie did kill Candys wife. The hunting dogs were closing in perhaps seeking a vengeance for one of their own. It is heavily implied that, if […] I need 15 quotes and 10 evidence from the book,which support that the death of Lennie is unjustifiedpls help me! Gravity. He thought and cared for him like family. He believes that he is doing this for the sake of others but his decision if immoral. Lennie had a pro Was Lennie’s Death Justified? Of Mice and Men - Quotes with Analysis - George Milton. George Killing Lennie Quotes. AbdullahRaja12 . There were plenty of other solutions to Lennie's problem than killing him. Learn. George kills Lennie right before Lennie is about to be caught by a mob of incredibly angry, and incredibly violent, men. Match.

Write. Flashcards. But that didn’t look like it would ever happen. Spell.

sandiabaya. Is George justified in killing Lennie? Terms in this set (12) "You do bad things and I got to get you out." Learn.
That is why George is justified in killing Lennie, not because Lennie is mentally disabled but because he loves Lennie and for Lennie's sake it should be George who does it.

I know that he didnt mean any harm he shouldnt have ran. Steinbeck has a very particular style of writing. Test. "1 Their dream dies hard when Lennie Curley's still mad about his hand. A foreshadowing of the need for Lennie to be killed by George is when Cady says to George, “I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. Lennie starts thinking about how he would tend to the rabbits and get to pet them, this was probably Lennie's idea of heaven so George thinks that if Lennie thinks about the dream as he dies, as the last thing he ever thinks about then maybe that will be Lennie's heaven.

George feels justified in killing Lennie because he knows that in the long run he would be able to spare many other lives and prevent Lennie from all the pain and anguish from the remorse Lennie feels after his aggressions. Seen this way, he engages in something of a mercy killing, or euthanasia. Test. I think George did not do the right thing at the end of the book because I believe Lennie still had a reason for living and that should not have been taken away from him. Get an answer for 'Provide some quotes relating to George killing Lennie in Of Mice and Men and it being the wrong decision. ' Flashcards. Proving the unjustified death of Lennie. An' s'pose they lock him up and strap him down and put him in a cage. Lennie does not mean to kill anyone but he is unaware of his strength. Gravity.

Maybe then people might have understood. STUDY.

Created by. It was a choice made from love and compassion. There are many reasons that George was justified. They would have gone through anything together. Is George justified in killing Lennie? George decides to kill Lennie quickly and painlessly, thus sparing him a torturous death at the hands of the mob. Curly was going to kill him anyways because he took one of the most precious things away from Curly, his wife. George’s decision to kill his best friend is to prevent a horrific and undeserved fate that awaits Lennie unless there is some intervention. According to Crooks, “[n]obody never gets to Heaven, and nobody gets no land." Of Mice and Men essays In John Stienbecks novel Of Mice and Men George was justified in killing his best friend Lennie. Even though Lennie has a mental disability doesnt make it right to kill someone. Of Mice And Men Persuasive Essay 510 Words | 2 Pages "Of Mice and Men" Essay"Of Mice and Men" was written bye John Steinbeck and is a fictional book.

The other is Lennie, who is is big and strong, but has slight mental retardation, making him a bit slow and in constant need of direction. Is George justified in killing Lennie? Created by. George only cared about Lennie’s safety and that no one, including himself, would ever mess with him again. Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is a thrilling novel about two migrant farmers, Lennie and George, who are trying to achieve their life dreams of having their own farm.George is small and quick, and is the leader of the two. Spell. and find homework help for other Of Mice and Men questions at eNotes

Lennie, who is mentally handicapped, has accidentally killed Curley’s wife.

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