In many circles the term meets with either suspicion or lack of interest. Discussions of the aesthetic are viewed as a diversion from cultural-political consider-ations in favor of merely formalist or antiquarian preoccupations.

Cohen, If Youʼre an Egalitarian, How Come Youʼre So Rich?, Harvard University Press, … Contexts of the Aesthetic in Walter Benjamin Alexander Gelley How to talk about the aesthetic today?'

The Aesthetics of Politics: Walter Benjamin's "Theories of German Fascism" by Ansgar Hillach "Theories of German Fascism"* is the heading Walter Benjamin gives his review of a collection of essays edited by Ernst Jiinger. He contradicts fascist uses of art to revolutionary uses of art through two aphorisms: the fascist tactics are characterized by the aestheticization of politics while the communist counter-reaction is characterized by the politicization of the aesthetics.

But in his essay, Benjamin has already given an answer to such critics. Critics call Benjamin’s statement about aestheticization of politics a “cryptic” one and argue that Hitler’s fascistic regime was not the first case when politics “employed” art – a part of a culture responsible for aesthetic values formation.

Sean Sayers, Giles Peaker, Peter Hallward, Bruce Robbins, Beate Jahn, Craig Brandist, David Macey, Espen Hammer, Benjamin Noys and Mark Neocleous RP 104 (Nov/Dec 2000) Reviews Whatever happened to analytical Marxism? Walter Benjamin and the Aesthetics of Power explores Walter Benjamin?s seminal writings on the relationship between mass culture and fascism. 'Walter Benjamin And The Aesthetics Of Power' tag archive 104 Reviews.

G.A. Walter Benjamin describes the uses of new forms of art as a dial e ctic struggle between new forms of cultural production.

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