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Case study: The Walkerton water tragedy Causes/ Risk factors associated with the disease - -changes in ocean temperatures such as changes in pH can cause degradation of water (in areas where the population uses untreated water for daily activities) -poor sanitation -drinking

2. The Walkerton water disaster in 2000 took seven lives, made thousands ill, and brought a tightly-knit Ontario community to unwelcomed global prominence.

Today more than a decade later, the consequences of one of the worst E. coli outbreaks in history are still being felt.

Describe the symptoms of E.coli0157:H7 poisoning. But through the work of a team of dedicated researchers from Lawson Health Research Institute, tragedy is

"Walkerton Tragedy", Last Edited December 12, 2013, ... teens from a local soccer team loaded cases of the water into cars as a small but steady stream of drivers pulled up.

The Students working in groups, are asked to research and briefly report on the events surrounding the Walkerton tragedy of 2000, ... Case study questions are worded in such a way that multiple/complex answers and dialogue are encouraged.

Case Study-Walkerton's Tragedy Middle, Secondary. The tragedy that occurred in the town of Walkerton, where several people died and many more were made very sick by the presence of E. coli bacteria in the municipal water supply, is not only an important and ongoing news story but is also a case study for resource The Canadian Encyclopedia, s.v. Case Study Walkerton was served by three wells in May of 2000, identified as Wells 5, 6 and 7. Case Study: Harmful Bacteria The Walkerton Tragedy Assignment: x Read textbook page 118 r119 Analysis 1.

Canada may have taken for granted.

Randy Willick, a grain wholesaler and one of the team's coaches, seemed proud of the young people who gave up their practice to help out.
It was drilled in 1978 to a depth of 15 m with 2.5 m of overburden and protective casing pipe to 5 m depth (O’Connor, 2002a). Walkerton Mayor David Thomson stares at a pitcher and several glasses of water before a speech on his town's tainted water tragedy in the summer of 2000.

Well 5 was located on the southwest edge of the town, bordering adjacent farmland.

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