Once chapter books are introduced, children shy away from picture books.

This is a great way to re-introduce picture books as a learning strategy.

Article Summaries Article 1: Using Wordless Picture Books (2015). & Sierschynski, J. Louie, B. Sharing wordless books with a child provides an opportunity for literacy-rich conversations. "Using Wordless Picture Books to Support Emergent Literacy." Children’s Literature in Education, 19(3), 136-142. Each "reader" listens and speaks, and creates their own story in their own words.

This qualitative study describes the ways that first-grade children make meaning with wordless picture books through play as reader response. Wordless books are a new literacy tool that teachers can use in the classroom, but can they help student’s emergent literacy skills development? Wordless picture books can also be utilized by students of all ages. Make the book accessible after the read aloud. Older students love to see the illustrations capture the story. Use extensions. As teachers we need to find strategies to help student’s development in those skills to become successful readers.

324-01 Dr. C.J. Early Childhood Education Journal, 29(3), 167. Hannah Fields February 19, 2019 Engl. "Wordless Books: An Approach to Visual Literacy."

This article provides a research-based rationale for using wordless books, offers a developmental sequence for introducing children to stories told through pictures, suggests a general strategy and wide array of early literacy activities based on books without texts, and recommends ways of communicating with parents/families about the value of wordless books. Lindauer, S.L.K. View crp article summaries .docx from ENGLISH MISC at West Virginia State University. This is the time of emergent reading or pretend reading. A familiar book will prompt storytelling or retelling between children, or quiet reflection by some. Wordless picture books are told entirely through their illustrations — they are books without words, or sometimes just a few words. (1988). Emergent literacy skills help guide students in learning how to read.

Wordless books—picture books that rely entirely on illustrations to tell a story—are an excellent resource for educators of young children. When children use wordless picture books to create their own stories, they are taking a significant step toward reading.

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