As the previous blog post by Tim Beatley discussed, most urban residents encounter some amount of nature on a daily basis in a casual way – the shade from a street tree, the songbirds overhead or pigeons underfoot, or the calls of crickets on a summer evening. 51% of the world’s population now live in cities, creating a huge carbon footprint. Many urban people cannot afford to go out of town to experience nature and/or they have grown up without the … The conservation of biodiversity is the proper management of the biosphere by human beings in such a way that it gives maximum benefits for the present generation and also develops its potential so as to meet the needs of future generations. Nature conservation has become more even important in the 21st century, and biodiversity is now used as a means of measuring the health of an urban environment, as well as rural environments. Use these planting guides to create a healthy, attractive garden using native plants that thrive in our local conditions. The importance of urban biodiversity is debated by many in the conservation community. The presence of a diverse biota in private gardens, coupled with considerable enthusiasm for ‘wildlife-friendly’ management, means that urban green spaces could be viewed as a panacea for biodiversity conservation in human-modified environments. One way to offset this carbon footprint is to promote a healthy environment by encouraging its biodiversity. Each guide offers inspirational garden designs, with step-by-step advice on sourcing, planting and caring for native local plants! Some researchers and managers focus on threats to biodiversity associated with urbanization and land use change. The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, a ... Urban biodiversity and people. Having nature in the city is part of addressing urban environmental justice. Conservation of local urban biodiversity, is as essential and paramount to global ecosystem conservation, sustainability, and human survival on the planet as is conservation of the Amazon rainforest. Negative impacts of urban biodiversity. In contrast to this approach, people who live in, study, or care about cities—ecologists, wildlife managers, conservation biologists, planners, and local residents—have … Urban biodiversity.

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