This lesson explains Article 2 of the UCC and defines some common terms found in Article 2. Article 1 of the UCC covers general provisions for contracts and introduces several definitions. Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) applies specifically to contracts for the sale of goods. While all four warranties apply to merchants, only two apply to non-merchant sellers. TERRITORIAL APPLICATION OF ARTICLE TO The second lesson on UCC Article 2A covers the special rules for finance leases and consumer leases. A revision was approved by the Uniform Law Commission and the American Law Institute in 2003, but was not adopted in any jurisdiction and subsequently withdrawn by both organizations in 2011.

Article 2 (Sales) was promulgated in 1957, and is one of the 10 substantive articles of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), developed by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) and the American Law Institute (ALI). UCC Article 2A: Part 3 - Formation of a Lease Contract The third lesson on UCC Article 2A covers the formation of an Article 2A lease and some important provisions of the article, comparing and contrasting the provisions with analogous provisions from Article 2. In 2005, Oklahoma amended Sections 2-105 and 2A-103 of its Commercial Code to add that the definition of "goods" for purposes of Articles 2 and 2A, respectively, "does not include information," see 12A Okla. Stat. Ann. [Comment] § 2A-105. Lesson Completion Time .

The remaining Articles of the Uniform Commercial Code cover other aspects of business interactions, such as credit, leases, payment obligations, and bulk transfers of business inventory. Access to CALI Lessons is restricted to people affiliated with CALI member organizations and those who have purchased individual memberships. UCC Article 2A: Part 2 - Finance Leases and Consumer Leases. Uniform Commercial Code Article 2A governs leases of personal property. Under UCC article 2, there are four warranties: warranty of title, warranty against infringement, implied warranty of merchantability, and implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. You may register or login to run CALI Lessons. Access Denied. (3) Failure to comply with an applicable law has only the effect specified therein. (2) In case of conflict between this Article, other than Sections 2A-105, 2A-304(3), and 2A-305(3), and a statute or decision referred to in subsection (1), the statute or decision controls. Thus, the 1987 version of Article 2A, as … It was first added to the Uniform Commercial Code in 1987 and amended in 1990.

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