a combined concepet of mentorship with nursing. This approach assumes mentors accept responsibility for helping mentees grow and develop (Lumpkin 2011). Group mentoring, also called collective mentoring, is also an option and can be particularly effective in enhancing employee performance. I have been a stay at home mom for almost 5 years and I am so excited to be able to still stay home, take care of my children and make a living taking surveys on my own computer! IMPORTANCE: The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on Future of Nursing (2010) recommends mentoring as a means of maintaining competency and expertise in … This type of one-on-one mentoring pairs a senior faculty member with a junior faculty mentor, usually from the same department, for a specified time period (Reimers 2014) . Seasoned nurses must mentor new nurses in such a way that the nursing profession is viewed for what it was meant to be, a caring art.

Formal or Classic Mentoring . Types of Mentoring: Advantages and Disadvantages . 18 In collective mentoring, a collection of individuals with a common characteristic meet to engage in mentoring activities, such as sharing ideas and supporting each other. INTRODUCTION: Mentorship is developmental partnership through which mentors share knowledge, skills, information and perspectives to foster the professional growth of their mentees. Why do we think mentorship is important in nursing? Making a living taking surveys at home! In nursing education and in the clinical setting, mentoring can be viewed as effective when the end result is being a competent, confident, insightful nurse who is able to use critical thinking skills and provide high-quality care to patients.

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