The color of the report icon indicates the similarity score of the paper, based on the amount of matching or similar text that was uncovered. 30% similarity on turnitin? This indicates that your work is purely in your own words and the sources you have acknowledged have not been used in other papers. The reasons for a 0% match are: 1) The student has written a piece of work which is not in the Turnitin database. As it is recomended by academic writing experts, it …
Turnitin employs legions of writing experts to read and evaluate papers for plagiarism. New user? Click here. If Turnitin has generated 0% it is still a successful submission and no further action is required on your part. Click here.

Is it possible to get a similarity of 0%?
I wasn't worried, as I'd referenced everything and included a bibliography however after finding out my friends percentage was 10% I've become a bit worried.

This work may be completely original or taken from a source which has not previously been submitted. Click here. The percentage range is 0% to 100% The possible similarity indices are: Blue: No matching text. There is nothing wrong with how Turnitin works or the content of your work. 0 similarity on turnitin com It's totally possible to get 0% similarity. It is up to the instructor and/or student to determine whether the assignment exhibits plagiarism. Green: One word to 24% matching text The Similarity Report has incurred a similarity score of 0%.

It is possible and acceptable to obtain a similarity of 0% through writing original work. You may have submitted multiple drafts of the same paper to your institution's private repository, meaning your final draft has resulted in a score of 100%. There is nothing wrong with how Turnitin works or the content of your work. Turnitin 0 similar. 15. A low similarity relates to the way your assessor set up the Turnitin … It means that Turnitin hasn't found any similarities between your work and its database of students' works submitted in previous school years. We take your privacy very seriously. Some Turnitin settings create a high similarity index that you can’t fix, for example when Turnitin matches quotations, bibliographies, and strings of commonly used text (5-8 words long). Teachers are smart; they don't need an electronic toy to … When i clicked on turnitin further and clicked exclude bibliography+citation disappeared to 0% similarity. Why i choose a skill write for my dissertation papers? Are you concerned they should be matching things on each other's papers? If so you might check the originality report settings - if the final report will be generated on the due date that's when they will be checked against other submissions to the same assignment.

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