This article will give you updated information about the post-study work opportunities for international students in Australia, US, UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and other EU countries. Home to around 2.6 million people and an internationally diverse student community, Vienna has a very low crime rate, is easy to navigate and achieves a top five score in the Desirability category. Students from Nigeria accounted for nearly a quarter (22 per cent) of the students wishing to study abroad, followed by Indian students, who made up 12 per cent. The tasks measure students’ capacity to monitor their progress, use feedback and stay engaged while they build models and develop solutions with digital tools. Some of the world’s best universities are in Europe! Like most countries, their international test score results will determine how high they finish in … The city is Austria’s main center of education, with the University of Vienna consistently ranked in the global top 200.

These skillsets are essential in preparing students to learn autonomously in an increasingly complex and digital world. Ghana (9 per cent), Pakistan (6 per cent) and Bangladesh (3 per cent) were the remaining countries in the top five. QS Top Universities lists Norway at the top of the list of ten most affordable places to study abroad, as far as the cost incurred on the course per se is concerned, as there is no tuition for students from within or outside the European Union. 10 best universities in Europe for international students 1. Norway’s teacher to student ratio for Primary age students is second in the world (one teacher for every students), and ranks fifth in the world for Secondary students (one teacher for every ten students). Stress no more—we’ve got your back when it comes to studying in Europe! There is a strong community of international academics, which is why we are showing you the best European universities. The majority of international students studying in the United States are originally from China and India, totaling 369,548 students and 202,014 students, respectively in the 2018/19 school year.

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