Reason Ethical Reasoning is contextual Designed specifically to help us behave morally REASON & EMOTION: AN EVALUATION OF THEIR IMPORTANCE IN ETHICS Why is Emotion important? Sophie in TOK "Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people" John Adams ... Posted in Ethics Tagged Ethics, Real Life Situation. Real-Life Situations The TOK oral presentation requires that students focus on a ‘real-life situation’ that raises one or more ‘knowledge issues’ and then analyze how those questions might be considered, with explicit reference to appropriate Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing. Published by Sophie Kane. Situational ethics dictate that the moral path be decided by the context of the issue at hand, rather than have a textbook judgment for everything. Articles in the media are excellent starting points. How does Emotion help us make Ethical judgements?

Over the next few weeks, I will attempt to post articles relevant to each Area of Knowledge. Behind closed doors: What the Piltdown Man hoax from 1912 can teach science today In 1912, Charles Dawson, an amateur archaeologist in England, claimed he’d made one of the most important fossil discoveries ever. Real-life Examples to Help You Understand Situational Ethics Better. The first way is to begin with your real life situation knowledge issue. Ethics has been removed as a specific area of knowledge, although we consider the relationship between knowledge and values throughout the course, so you’ll find a lot of notes, quotes, and real-life situations dealing with this throughout the ‘new’ areas of knowledge, and the TOK themes. *Is Reason more important than Emotion when it comes to

RLS / KQ Pairs. The obvious question it prompts us to ask is why fake news spreads more quickly than real news, but we should try to dig deeper - the article leaves a lot unclear, in particular, what type of ‘fake’ and ‘real’ news stories were tested in this research, and how exactly it was … They can be taken from your own experiences, interests or other subjects that you study. Like our art presentations, where we presented unique ideas/examples to further our discussion of art as an area of knowledge, I would like for you to find a ‘real-life’ situation that deals with ethics as an area of knowledge. These are the second-order claims made in TOK that are justified using the tools of TOK, which usually involve an examination of the nature of knowledge. Real life situations: Ethics Your Theory of Knowledge Presentation begins with a real life situation. Real-life situation In the presentation students need to describe ONE real-life situation. Real life situation: BBC article: Why the brain sees maths as beauty Knowledge issue: What is the role of aesthetic pleasure in mathematical knowledge? View all posts by Sophie Kane ... eab201904824eabdfbr January 23, 2018 12:32 pm Reply.

Ethics has been removed as a specific area of knowledge, although we consider the relationship between knowledge and values throughout the course, so you’ll find a lot of notes, quotes, and real-life situations dealing with this throughout the ‘new’ areas of knowledge, and the TOK themes. November 10, 2019 Uncategorized Leave a comment knowledge question KQ real-life situation RLS theory of knowledge TOK Knowledge Questions Many first-time teachers struggle with understanding Knowledge Questions and introducing them to the students. These sets of Real Life Situations and Knowledge Questions are taken from the 2009 to 2014 TOK Subject Reports. Definition of Key Terms The ability to use provable evidence to make rational decisions and assumptions Reason Instinctive mindset that influences decisions Emotion Sense of right and wrong, and decision to act accordingly Ethics Conclusion Introduction Real-Life Situation Real-life examples of ethics (that are not boring) February 24, 2016 by EssaySnark 4 Comments To try and prevent a mass defection of readers from the blahg this week as we dive into this topic of ethics , today we’re going to lay out a bunch of current examples from real life that most definitely involve big important questions, that will hopefully keep you interested. We'll be looking at understanding situational ethics with the help of examples. TOK TOPICS: Language , Reason , Faith , Ethics and Human Sciences Case Description : The term “ Fake News “ raises questions on trust in the media. Beginning with a real life situation There are two possible ways to kick off the process of creating your presentation.

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