Binary Prefixes Converter Convert between binary units and decimal units. Bad Example: Alligators are mean.

To check the voice of your verbs: Find the verb (action, doing word) in your sentence. Here, we cut the “be” verb, “is,” and rewrite and reposition “interesting” to create a more active sentence.

Change one or more of the nouns in the sentence into a verb: Weak & Wordy Strong & Specific Jennifer Lawrence is the star of The Hunger Games.

It can also be used as an auxiliary verb when forming the passive voice. Computers store data in bits. I am the one who cares OR I care. Random Word Generator: Generate a list of random words.Great tool for brainstorming ideas. Stalking prey? Reply. Random Number Generator: Generate some random numbers in a specific number range. The active voice is … Let’s look at some examples: Weak: He is a student who is intelligent and confident. They don’t give any meaning but they are used to describe a … Why was the lion behind the tree? There are estimated to be 60,000 to 100,000 verbs in the English language, but we have curated this list down so that most people using this tool will know the meaning of the verb and the verbs aren't too common. For example, The flight was cancelled by the airline is in the passive voice while The airline cancelled the flight is in the active voice. My doctor took out my appendix. Eliminate the be verb by writing one or more showing sentence. But I think that it still proves your point, because even if “doing” seems weak ,”doing cartwheels” is very concrete and evocative for the audience, so that’s the most important thing.
The active voice and passive voice are different grammatical formats of expressing the same idea. Bad Example: Billy is alarmed by the proximity of the shark. Although this verb exists, it’s a different level of language. ; Remove Line Breaks: Remove unwanted line breaks from your text. Weak: It was difficult to get out of bed at 6:00 a.m. each morning. Our mother was the driver of the bus. Unfortunately, that means the helping verb is also a “to be” verb. [Note how I replaced the state-of-being verbs in this paragraph.] Sentence structure. ; Random Choice Generator: Let this tool make a … You can identify the verb voice from the structure of the sentence, or if you’re more familiar with grammar, by the use of certain verb forms. My appendix was taken out by my doctor. Copy and paste your essay below, then click on or double-click on the textbox. The right verb can show in one word what might take several phrases to express otherwise. Eight bits make a byte (FF or 256 different values). 1. Expresso is a little tool to edit texts and improve your writing style.

I am a writer OR I write. Change the be verb to a strong verb: Bad Example: Tony is afraid of notebook checks. Our mother drove the bus. Resist the urge to consult a thesaurus for the most exotic verb you can find. Show students that writing that relies on be verbs is weak writing. Avoid the use of present progressive verb forms such as is happening, is going, and is deciding. Was he having a nap? Combine short, choppy sentences to eliminate to be verbs: Weak & Wordy Strong & Specific In the second of each preceding example, the word count diminishes, and the sentence becomes more active. The verb to be is the most irregular verb in the English language. Leave the be verb if changing it alters the meaning,diminishes the passage, or makes the structure unworkable. To Be Verbs Analyzer. It is normally a linking verb showing existence or the condition of the subject.

Editing passive sentences You can change a passive sentence to an active sentence by simply moving the actor in the sentence from the end of the sentence to the beginning of the sentence.
Determining when a state-of-being verb is the culprit creates a problem—and finding a better, more powerful verb to replace it— is what makes us writers. Henneke says. They tell us about a state of being or existence. However, it can be challenging to teach a 12-year-old the difference between passive writing (I was hit by the ball) and progressive writing (It was snowing in Chicago). The Most Popular Tools. Which is more direct? Procedures. Just to say, sometimes style is subjective, even when it comes to verbs!

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