The city with the highest percentage of overweight adults was Anchorage, AK, while …

Obesity is a major problem across America, but some cities are healthier than others. There’s no doubt about it, Americans are the fattest people in …

Tag Archives: thinnest cities in america The 50 Fattest Cities In The U.S. (2019) Posted on April 1, 2019 Derrick Lane. The Thinnest and Fattest Cities in America.

This is the first year that the list has grown to include 100 locales.

Boston is one of the thinnest cities in America, according to a new study The city ranked above San Francisco but below Honolulu. An analysis of the 100 most populated metro areas looks at the prevalence of obesity and related ailments as well as the surrounding environment to rank the fattest and thinnest cities. The recent annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index rounded up the most and least obese cities in the

–Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff According to the research findings, the “fattest” metro area in America is Memphis, TN (6.54% Latino population), while the “thinnest” was Honolulu, HI (5.89% Latino). A Gallup and Healthways survey of nearly 190 American cities has uncovered where the thinnest and fattest people live. From 2014 to 2017, back when the list only included 50 cities, Indy's last four rankings were 46, 50, 50 and 48. National Obesity Level at All-Time High -- See How Your Hometown Rates.

Out of the 10 most obese cities in the country, Huntington-Ashland topped the list, with nearly two in five residents being obese.

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