Theodore Rex (Theodore Roosevelt Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Morris, Edmund. Theodore Rex was so different from the first book in the series, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, and not in a good way. Theodore Roosevelt was a politican of firm views. The book opens with Vice-President Roosevelt being summoned to Buffalo, New York after the assassination attempt and imminent death of President McKinley in September 1901. I almost NEVER say that, and it's all the sadder because of how enchanting the first book in the series was. Theodore Rex is a meticulously researched and beautifully written biography of Theodore Roosevelt and the second book of the trilogy by Pulitzer prize-winning author, Edmund Morris, of one of our more beloved presidents. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Theodore Rex (Theodore Roosevelt Series Book 2). Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best nonfiction books of all time • WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE • WINNER OF THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD Although Theodore Rex fully recounts TR’s years in the White House (1901–1909), The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt begins with a brilliant Prologue describing the President at the apex of his international prestige.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris is a very good book detailing the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. It is a well-written, informative and detailed work outlining the effect that Roosevelt had upon both the office of the President and the United States. Theodore Rex (the title is taken from a quip by Henry James) tells the story of the following seven and a half years-years in which TR entertains, infuriates, amuses, strong-arms, and seduces the body politic into a state of almost total subservience to his will. It took me months to get through, just because I never wanted to pick it up, and at one point I wrote in my notes: "I cannot wait for this book to end."

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