His work traverses the … Slavoj ?i?ek, the maverick philosopher, author of over 30 books, acclaimed as the "Elvis of cultural theory", and today's most controversial public intellectual. Ever since the publication of his first book in English, The Sublime Object of Ideology, in 1989, Žižek has become known as one of the most provocative and innovative philosophers in the world. He is the author of numerous books, including The Sublime Object of Ideology and Enjoy Your Symptom!. My next course will take a deep dive into what is widely considered Zizek’s masterwork: The Sublime Object of Ideology. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Search with google. Žižek’s first published book in English, The Sublime Object of Ideology, appeared in 1989.

The Essential Žižek book. Make a contribution Subscribe ... 1989's The Sublime Object of Ideology, brought that style to a broader audience. Since then, Žižek has published over a dozen books, edited several collections, published numerous philosophical and political articles, and maintained a tireless speaking schedule. From the sinking of the Titanic to Hitchcock's Rear Window, from the operas of Wagner to science fiction, from Alien to the Jewish Joke, the author's acute analyses explore the ideological fantasies of wholeness and exclusion which make up human society. Get FREE shipping on The Sublime Object of Ideology by Slavoj Zizek, from wordery.com. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. It’s hard to choose which book to explore as he has written other 40 books, not counting the hundreds of articles and collections. I highly recommend reading Laclau and Mouffe's Hegemony and Socialist Strategy either before or after reading The Sublime Object of Ideology, which is the first real, hardcore Zizek I would read. Slavoj Žižek is a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
As far as the "primer" type books, I actually found How to Read Lacan quite useful. The Essential Žižek book. In this provocative and original work, Slavoj Zizek takes a look at the question of human agency in a postmodern world. But this one effectively lays out the basic frame that continues to inform Zizek’s position.

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