Try to quickly read through them in your spare time. Under Represented Law Student Forum; Financial Aid; Ask a Law Student / Graduate; Transfers; Law School Student Forums. Lack of market orientation to legal profession and inspiration in the academic level combined with the dilemma of choosing the right profession result in severe frustration among them too. It may not get you … The Reality of Law School: The Greatest Experience You Will Never Want to Relive. This semester I study 6-7 hours a week because that's all my schedule requires (I'm in lots of practical skills classes with little reading). The reality of law school is that it is very expensive, that on average you’ll have a huge amount of law school debt that you cannot discharge in bankruptcy , and that you cannot count on a six-figure salary. Ranking the Law Schools: The Reality of Illusion?

Prior to starting law school, pick up E&E's of the core classes: torts, civil procedure and contracts. Analysis of possible ranking criteria forces the conclusion that attempting to assign specific rankings based on objective criteria is a futile task. Imagine that it’s mid-August and you are walking through the hallways of your law school - it’s your first day of class. In fact, for over ten years I have counseled any prospective law students who have bothered to ask me to not to go to law school because of the burden of law school debt. Scott Van Alstyne This article examines the problems inherent in any endeavor to rank law schools on a qualitative basis. Forum for Law School Students; Law School FAQ; Non-US Law Schools Forum; Bar Exam Prep and Discussion Forum; Law School Class Forums. Most importantly, the socio-economic reality and overpopulation have squeezed the opportunities for fresh law graduates. You are nervous, possibly more nervous in this moment than any “first days” prior to this one. TLS Class … Honestly, I was at the school from 8:00am to Midnight 6 days a week during my 1L year. Talk About Law School Visits, Open Houses, Admit Days; Choosing a Law School; What are my chances?

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