It is that one person who knows you best, that has the most influence on your life. What a beautiful and well thought out essay. Finally, my mother taught me in anything I do not to give up, and that it was the most important thing to help me become the successful person. Finally, my mother taught me in anything I do not to give up, and that it was the most important thing to help me become the successful person. I remember when I was thirteen years old, I wanted register for the best middle school in my city, but I had to do well on the final exam. The most important in my life is my mother because she is really all I have, she is my motivation, and she helps me live through all my struggles. However, this was not the case for my stepfather.

I met Tracy in December of 2005 and we became close friends. The person that has influenced my life the most, I've known my whole life. has that one person who has influenced them, either good or bad.

Many different people have shared a piece of their soul in my formation. In this paper I will briefly explain my life story, and how a beautiful woman named Tracy has been a major influence in my life. In this essay there are many approaches to use – parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, friends, political leaders, celebrities – all of these categories can be tapped when it comes to the choice of who it was that influenced you.

My mom is the person I have always looked up to since I was little, and she has had an effect and will continue to have effect on how I live my life. My Mother : The Most Important Influence In My Life 851 Words | 4 Pages. Person who has influenced me the most Essay Pages: 3 (686 words) My Mother Influenced Me in My Life Essay Pages: 4 (762 words) Who Influenced Michael Jordan to Become the Player and Person He is Today Essay Pages: 5 (1097 words) The Greatest Person in My Life Essay Pages: 2 (434 words)

Have you ever imagined how your life would be different if a key person were not in it, like a mother, father, spouse, or child? Whether they were negative or positive I used them for the better. My stepfather is a true inspiration in my life.

She always plays a vital role in shaping my life. Everyone has someone or something that has influenced them in their life. Social Networking And Impression Management 1476 Words | 6 Pages. His mother did not have much for him at the time after his father had passed away. Read More. For nine months she carried me, she felt very bad, but did not refuse, and gave birth to me. She has made the person I am today.

I believe that the environment my parents were in, primarily my mother since she carried me, affected me in a good way. Particularly my passion is to become successful business women. The person who influenced me the most is my mother essay Ask for details ; Follow Report by Kshrd6865 27.02.2018 Log in to add a comment However, I can only try and aspire to be like him.

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