(7… Section 136 allows you to be taken to a place of safety, if a police officer is concerned that you may have a mental disorder and should be seen by a mental health professional. The police officer must think that you may be in need of immediate care and that it is necessary in your interest or for the protection of others for you to be taken to a place of safety to be assessed. Section 136 gives the police the power to remove a person from a public place, when they appear to be suffering from a mental disorder, to a place of safety. Like Section 135, this is not an admission Section, but one which allows assessment to take place at the Place of Safety, as to whether a Section 2 or other admission Section should be implemented.

Children must not be taken to a police station as a place of safety under the Mental Health Act 1983, regardless of whether the child has been detained under section 135 or section 136. This is a power police have in the UK. (6) Arrangements under this section may include provision for payments to be made to, or in relation to, persons carrying out functions in accordance with the arrangements. (a) under section 35 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005; or (b) of a description specified in regulations under this section. There are occasions when the Police may act if they believe that someone is suffering from a mental illness and is in need of immediate treatment or care. This is a video of being held under section 136 of the mental health act. ... Children and the use of Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983. Hospital admission may last for up to 28 days for assessment of their condition and any treatment as deemed necessary. Their powers for such occasions are set out in Section 136 of the Mental Health Act. What is a Section 136 of the Mental Health Act? Section 136 states clearly that the purpose of being taken to the Place of Safety is to enable the person to be examined by a doctor and interviewed by an Approved Social Worker, and for … The person will be deemed by the police to be in immediate need of care and control as their behaviour is of concern.

Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.

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