Minny panics that she will be without a job, and her worry intensifies when she finds out Hilly has spread rumors that Minny is a thieving maid. Start studying The Help Chapter 1-2. Hypocrisy. 53-year-old Aibileen Clark starts us off.

Racism. We have specialized with research and writing services and we have a lot of experience with the same. 20 February 2020. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The Help: Chapter 2. Chapters 1-2 - Aibileen. Chapter 3. The next day Minny calls Aibileen and says that Hilly is sending her mother, Mrs. Walters, to a retirement home. Help vs. My face goes hot, my tongue twitchy. This is a very good reason why you should seek our professional guidance with your research work. Social Class. Next. Aibileen is caring for the plump two-year-old Mae Mobley Leefolt whom she affectionately calls Baby Girl. Aibileen is a black woman who works for a white family, the Leefolts. Themes and Colors Key. Chapters 32 - 34. Chapter 26 - 28. Chapter 2 Main Story Missions After a break in the weather, the gang has headed down from the mountains, and are now hiding at Horseshoe Overlook . The Help is set in Jackson, Mississippi and begins in August 1962.

"The Help Summary". Chapters 11 - 13. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Help, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. The novel features three main narrators – Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter. Gender and the Home.
Suduiko, Aaron ed. Summary and Analysis. Chapters 14 - 16. Chapters 17 - 18. Chapter 2 Quotes I put the iron down real slow, feel that bitter seed grow in my chest, the one planted after Treelore died.

Summary. Chapter 2. GradeSaver, 28 October 2015 Web. Chapters 19 - 21. We are committed to offering quality help to all our customers. (Written from the perspective of Aibileen.)

Chapters 22 - 24. Quotes and Analysis.

Aibileen's own son, Treelore, was killed months before she began working at the Leefolt residence. How to Make Chapter 2 of a Thesis Paper Outstanding Chapters 8 - 10. Chapter 29 - 31.
Summary And Analysis. Study Guide Navigation. The story begins in August 1962 in the kitchen of Elizabeth Leefolt.

Nichipor, Alexandra. Mae Mobley Leefolt is two years old, and Aibileen considers the girl her "special baby" (1.6). The Help Summary.

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