In Much Ado About Nothing, these include the themes of love, appearance and reality and the ideas of ‘nothing’ and ‘noting’. Children younger than 3 may have difficulty making appearance-reality distinctions, due to poorer cognitive functioning and a lack of experience with such objects. The research was attended by 261 children aged between 2 years, 8 months old and 6 years, 11 months old with an average age of 60.69 months (SD = 13.58): 128 girls (m = 60.20, Russells marks a distinction between the ways a “practical person” , a painter and a philosopher might approach the problem of appearance and reality.

Macbeth takes Duncan into his home as a friend while planning to murder him, and acknowledges that ‘false face must hide what the false heart does know.’ Shakespeare’s plays are full of references to men who hide their evil natures behind smiles. Putting things simply, he argued that appearance is what we gather from our senses. In Macbeth, Shakespeare examines how appearances can be deceptive and that the reality behind them is often unpleasant. APPEARANCE-REALITY DISTINCTION: "When the child's cat was dressed as a dog for halloween, he or she could not make the appearance-reality distinction, and felt that her pet was now a dog." In Measure for Measure Angelo, apparently incorruptible, is in reality a deceitful sexual abuser. Appearance and Reality : Metaphysics is the science that seeks to define what is ultimately real as opposed to what is merely apparent. The main ideas or issues present in a text are called themes. Russell coins the term “sense-data” in order to distinguish between the characteristics we experience of the table and the table itself. The contrast between appearance and reality, however, is by no means peculiar to metaphysics. To work on this question, Russell made a distinction between appearance and reality. Some of the key aspects are: Some of the key aspects are: seeing things Here we have already the beginning of one of the distinctions that cause most trouble in philosophy -- the distinction between 'appearance' and 'reality', between what things seem to be and what they are. = 13.56), 133 boys (m = 61.20,

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