While some advocate for harsher patrol of the border and deportation, some espouse that focusing primarily on the safety of everyone in the proximity is of utmost importance. American Book Award–winning wri Along with a brief but thorough plot summary, reviews tend to include a look at the book's quality and a discussion of the language and themes included. Summary: Throughout The Devil’s Highway, the reader can gather three main points-why they crossed the desert, how they did it, and what happened after they did.

The Devil’s Highway succeeds in teaching readers about every aspect of the border issue, even if it doesn’t provide a convincing solution.

...The Devil’s Highway (Topic 1) Luis Alberto Urrea is an author who wrote a book based on an investigative report concerning the twenty six men who attempted to cross the Mexican border in 2001. Each one of these men had a reason for wanting to cross the border into the United States. From a Pulitzer Prize finalist, "the single most compelling, lucid, and lyrical contemporary account of the absurdity of U.S. border policy" (The Atlantic).In May 2001, a group of men attempted to cross the Mexican border into the desert of southern Arizona, through the deadliest region of the continent, the "Devil's Highway."

An English teacher once told me that reading The Devil’s Highway would open up a whole new world and cause students to develop a completely new mindset towards political affiliations. It also included a description of Don Moi Garcia, the recruiter for coyotes in northern Mexico. Chapter 2: “In Veracruz” !

Essay The Devil's Highway Summary wondering what is to become of the immigrants in our nation. MostlyFiction - The Devil's Highway MostlyFiction reviews tend to be concise but informative.

THE DEVIL’S HIGHWAY A TRUE STORY by Luis Alberto Urrea ‧ RELEASE DATE: April 2, 2004 The rueful, fate-wracked tale of 26 men who tried to cross into the US from Mexico but chose the wrong time, place, and guide. Only 12 made it safely across. Part 2: Dead Man’s Sign . First of all, these men did not just put themselves through the most grueling, painful, and exhausting journey for nothing. In May 2001, 26 Mexican men scrambled across the border and into an area of the Arizona desert known as the Devil's Highway.

Finally, the chapter provided profiles of the individuals signing up for the next “exodus” from Mexico. This deadly desert and fascinating book is titled “The Devil’s Highway ”.

Chapter 2 described the living conditions in Veracruz, Mexico. “Devil’s Highway” area. Each review includes the average rating from Amazon.

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