Introduction. Malcolm X is regarded as one of the most prominent figures of the civil rights era during the 1950’s and 60’s. I’m familar with the name Malcolm X however, I’m not familliar with the works and background of Malcolm X. The Autobiography of Malcolm X was published in 1965, the result of a collaboration between human rights activist Malcolm X and journalist Alex Haley.Haley coauthored the autobiography based on a series of in-depth interviews he conducted between 1963 and Malcolm X's 1965 assassination.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X Summary. autobiography of Malcolm X. Malcolm X was one of the most controversial Men in American history. The Autobiography Of Malcolm X Essay 1369 Words | 6 Pages. Malcolm X soon meets the Nation of Islam’s leader, Elijah Muhammad, and rises quickly from the rank of temple assistant in Detroit to the Nation’s first national minister. The Autobiography Of Malcolm X 1701 Words | 7 Pages. His controversial views challenged the mainstream civil rights movement as he opposed integration as championed by MLK and urged his followers to challenge white aggression by any means necessary. The trouble starts before Malcolm is even born, when the KKK pays a visit to his pregnant mom. The Autobiography of Malcolm X PDF Summary by Alex Haley is a story that follows a man’s hard journey from being a school dropout, a criminal, a drug addict, and finally a person who finds his enlightened path. date of first publication 1965. publisher Grove Press. Those parts of the Autobiography which are not strictly autobiographical, which were not narrated by Malcolm himself, should still be considered integral parts of this book.They give personal views of Malcolm by people who knew him, thus complementing … Answers tend to vary by person but in the “Autobiography of Malcolm X”, it really delved into the pivotal details of his life and readers like myself, went on an enthralling metaphorical journey to see the intriguing development of him as a child, a young adult, a convict, a follower, and ultimately a leader. narrator Malcolm tells his life story while he is in the last years of his life.Alex Haley recounts the end of Malcolm’s life in the epilogue. genre Autobiography; memoir. His positive impact, however, cannot […] Malcolm X becomes known throughout the United States, even outside of Muslim … language English. full title The Autobiography of Malcolm X. author Alex Haley wrote the work based on his extensive interviews with Malcolm X.. type of work Nonfiction. It's not surprising that his parents decide to get out of town once he's born, but that's not enough to keep them safe. Who is Malcolm X? In the case of Malcolm X, ... it adds to the understanding of the reader of X's experiences, overall adding to the effectiveness of relaying his autobiography's message by creating a better and more interesting comprehension of his life story. Rhetorical Strategies Telographic sentence: "And then i knew" (349).

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