So he looks at this guy and says, "Sir, I want to thank you for your patience and for your understanding and obviously you have a great deal of interest in what I am about to say. Patience and understanding are two separate words, each with its own definition. Thank you for being one of the few great teachers out there. Most people would just say, “Thanks for waiting,” “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. And if a client or prospect demonstrates the patience and fortitude to solve challenges with you, don’t just thank them for understanding -- thank them for committing to see things through. It’s just a bit tricky for the mind to sort. Giving thanks: Thank you for your patience throughout this year. I think it is a bit awkward, but grammatically correct. Thank you for all your hard work and the wisdom you shared.

Ideally, no one should have to wait for you, but they did. . Merci de votre patience pendant que nous améliorons notre site. I’ll always remember attending your class. Merci de votre patience. Thank you for your patience, thank you for being patient, or any other similar way of speaking it. Yes, but it is a bit awkward. A venir ! The future: You have given me the strength I need to take the next steps toward my dream of… You’ve inspired me to plan my future. You are thanking them in the present tense for an act that occurred in the past. Saying this is to acknowledge that that person has been waiting for you to keep up or reach them. Thank you for your patience synonyms and Thank you for your patience antonyms. I thank you for your patience to enable me to review this file after the summer holiday. No. > Is it correct to say: "your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated"? However, they tolerated or were inconvenienced by your actions, but they chose to stick it out for you. Je vous remercie d'avoir attendu patiemment après les vacances d'été afin de me permettre [...] d'examiner ce dossier. Thank you for your patience. I l la r egar da et di t : « Monsieur, j' aimer ais vous remercier pour votre patience et votre grand i nté rê t pour ce que j e m'apprête à dire.

We are currently developing our Commercial Portfolio. Thank you so much.” or something to that effect. Thank you for your patience, Mr President. Thank you for your patience while we upgrade our website. Notre Portfolio Commercial est présentement en développement. I thank you for your patience and support. It meant the world to me. Top synonym for thank you for your patience (another word for thank you for your patience) is thank you for your …

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