Collaborators: Cameron S(1), Glasier A(2), Lohr PA(3), Moreau C(4)(5), Munk-Olsen T(6), Oppengaard KS(7), Templeton A(8), Van Look P(9), Baird DT(10), Crosignani PG(11), La Vecchia C(12), Negri E(13), Volpe A(14). Garbin O, Vayssiere C, Bettahar-Lebugle K, Nisand I. On Templeton Posted on May 8, 2013 by Sean Carroll A few recent events, including the launch of Nautilus and this interesting thread on Brian Leiter’s blog , have brought the John Templeton Foundation (JTF) back into the spotlight. World Relief Receives $749,606 John Templeton Foundation Grant to Expand Families for Life Programming in Burundi. Hamoda H, Ashok PW, Flett GM, Templeton A. Donors: President George W. Bush Inauguration 2001,, updated January 25, 2001. ADF itself donated to two groups involved in 2019 abortion bans: the Family Policy Foundation ($50,000) and the Family Council ($17,000) from 2013 to … The John Templeton Foundation," National Review (, Mike Allen, "Pro-Bush group spends $15M defending war," The Politico (posted by Free Republic), August 22, 2007. Induced abortion. – World Relief was recently awarded a voluntary family planning grant from the John Templeton Foundation for their work strengthening families and communities in Burundi. Supported by grants from the Greenwall Foundation, the John Templeton Foundation, and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (1 K23 AT002749 to Dr. Curlin).

The GE Foundation ($27,105), the Pfizer Foundation ($21,155) and the Shell Oil Foundation ($16,233), and the Intel Foundation ($6,100) also gave to ADF. I am not aware that either the John Templeton Foundation or Jack Templeton personally has made statements on embryonic stem cell research, climate change, or tobacco. Grant to expand impact of World Relief’s church-based outreach on family planning in Burundi. The John Templeton Foundation, his charitable organization, said the cause of death was pneumonia. John Templeton, Jr. in the Wikipedia. Templeton donated $100,000. While on the one hand they required Michael Shermer (see earlier section) to secure a variety of views on belief in God, their funding of … Contraception 2005;71:327-332. Medical abortion at 9-13 weeks' gestation: a review of 1076 consecutive cases. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol 2006;129:36-40. Bracken H, Ngoc NTN, Schaff E et al. BALTIMORE, Md. Consistency of medical abortion efficacy from 5 through 14 weeks' gestation. External resources. Nevertheless, one could argue that they have put their money where their collective mouths are.

ESHRE Capri Workshop Group.

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