EFFECT OF TEENAGE PREGNANCY ON EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT OF YOUTH IN EGOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA ABSTRACT This issue of teenage pregnancy in our contemporary society has been considered an epidemic and endemic in nature, which constitutes social problem that should requires social action for amelioration. Significant interactions were found between becoming pregnant after the survey date and the number of friends a girl reported having prior to pregnancy in predicting educational attainment, suggesting that the relationship between pregnancy and educational attainment differs depending on the size of a pregnant teen’s social network prior to pregnancy.

‘Every child learns’ and ‘End child marriage’ are two of UNICEF South Asia’s The aim of this article was to find out the impact of teenage pregnancy on academic performance of Grade 7 learners at a school in the Zambezi Region. Moreso, this study focuses on effect of teenage pregnancy on educational attainment of … Moreso, this study focuses on effect of teenage pregnancy on educational attainment of youth, Because, the rate of youngsters (students) especially female dropping out of schools has been on the increase.

This article presents new estimates of the relationship between teenage childbear-ing and educational attainment, a central

Although teenage mothers have lower educational attainment and earnings than women who delay fertility, causal interpretations of this relationship remain controversial. The United Nations report for the same year believes that about 127 girls get pregnant every day in Namibia.

And having considered the political, socio-economic and socio-cultural effects. Also the government would be relieved of the pressure of meaningless and extravagant spending on family planning services, chemotherapeutics drugs and equipment, adoption laws and regulations, sex education and the like.1.13 RESEARCH QUESTION In the course of this study to unravel the effect of teenage pregnancy on educational attainment of youth in Egor Local Government Area of Edo … And having considered the political, socio-economic and socio-cultural effects.

Moreso, this study focuses on effect of teenage pregnancy on educational attainment of youth, Because, the rate of youngsters (students) especially female dropping out of schools has been on the increase. Scholars argue that there are reasons to predict negative, trivial, or even positive effects, and different methodological approaches provide some support for each perspective.

teenage childbearing undermines a wom-an’s chances of social and economic suc-cess in adulthood is essential if policies to reduce poverty and welfare dependence are to be grounded in an appropriate con-ceptual framework. Recently, the incidence of teenage pregnancy has been very high in Ghana.

between child marriage, adolescent pregnancy and educational attainment in South Asia, presenting analysis from five countries – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan – utilizing the most recently available data. The Namibia Demographic Survey in 2013 revealed that about one out of five teenagers aged 15 to 19 were either pregnant or had given birth.

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