The Crank and Slider Mechanism : SHORT VIDEO - RATCHETS, CRANKS AND QUICK RETURN MECHANISMS : PDF FILE - POSTER - CRANKS, RATCHETS AND QUICK RETURN … Speed it is described in metres per second, (m/s) when using the metric International System of Units (SI). Ratchet mechanisms are very useful devices for example, they are used in mechanical clocks. OTHER MECHANISMS: SHORT VIDEO - LINKAGES PDF FILE - POSTER - COMMON LINKAGES AND PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS : 1. Speed. The effort is lesser but the distance between the effort and the fulcrum will be more compared to the distance between the load and the fulcrum. You are to design a ratchet mechanism to fit in the back of a delivery van. For 1st and 2nd class levers, to reduce the effort..... Move the load closer to the fulcrum or; Move the effort further away from the fulcrum. The rate of movement of a body is called its speed. They are also very useful when using a system, such as the one seen opposite, to lift heavy weights. The Quick Return Mechanism: 2. The Shaping Machine and it's Mechanism: 3.

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